VOF Plantendiest Venlo cultivates approximately 9,500 hectares (23,500 acres) in the Netherlands and around  the ports of  the Danube River . We have modern seed and grain cleaning, drying and storage facilities with a total capacity of 60,000 MT. We export grain all over Europe as well as to countries in the Middle East and North Africa – including Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Madagascar.



VOF Plantendiest Venlo emphasis has been on producing high protein milling wheats using carefully selected varieties from Europe. With the changing dynamics of the wheat market, and consumer driven demands for environmentally sound production techniques and full traceability, the business has adapted to this demand. We are currently producing a combination of high quality, very high protein milling wheat, grown under contract, as well as having embarked on a long term, low protein, sustainable wheat production program with a multi-national food manufacturer. This contract demands we have full ISCC certification, bans the use of some approved chemicals during the production cycle, and demands we plant flower rich ecological areas to improve local bio-diversity. We see this as being the start of a fundamental change to the way we work as a business, along side a change in business ethos and investment.


Our co-operation with our Scandinavian customer continues to flourish. New markets have opened up for our produce as their business interests expand, and this continues to create a demand in this specialized market. We are continually looking to find new hybrids in this area to improve our yields, efficiency and ultimately drive down costs.


Corn has now become a large part of our rotation, with our production being sold locally and internationally for the production of sweeteners, sweetening solutions and modified starches. Constant trialing of new seeds from the leading seed providers, and close collaboration with one in particular, give us a platform to select the best for our production needs, with data that is relevant to our business which is integral to our selection.


Keeping with the tradition of VOF Plantendiest Venlo, and in conjunction with our Trading business, we continue to produce quality seeds for sale to our customers. Varieties are carefully selected to meet the needs of the Netherlands farmers, with a strong emphasis on producing high quality weed
and disease-free seed material, available to our customers with full traceability and certification.

Since the end of 2018, VOF Plantendiest Venlo has made significant strategic decisions in the way it farms today and the vision for the future.
Significant investment has allowed the adoption of controlled traffic
farming wheeling management, conservation farming strategies,
variable rate application for fertilizer and a staged move into No-till
farming. Countryside Stewardship in conjunction with socially
responsible farming practices are now high on the agenda for
Governments and consumers alike. We, as a company, are embracing
these changes and using the latest technology available, combined
with training and continual appraisal and updating, we plan to be one
of the leading protagonists for change in the Netherlands.

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